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EVITA Advanced Multivitamin Time Complex - 7 Capsules (One Week Supply) - External Use Only
I really like this one week trial package so that I can try ..
4 of 5 Stars!
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EVITA Advanced Multivitamin Time Complex - 7 Capsules (One Week Supply) - External Use Only

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Retail Price: $10.00
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Founded by Dr Donald R. Steele, the EVITA Advanced Multivitamin Time Complex is one of the most intensive anti-oxidant skincare products for face and throat that specializes in hydration, anti-wrinkles, whitening, increasing elasticity and firming.

It is also the first multivitamin, anti-aging and antioxidant capsule that you apply over your face and neck to protect your skin from free radicals, as well as, to fortify your skin with natural vitamins and oils against free radicals. The End Result: Smooth Incredibly Silky Smooth Naturally Glowing Skin!

Direction: Simply break 1 capsule and apply the serum to your face and throat before sleeping each night.

The skin that is obtained from having the various vitamins and natural oils infusing into your skin naturally, repairing damage from free radicals and allowing your body the boost it needs to naturally repair damage from the environment.

Free radicals are the molecules in our environment that damage our skin. They come from the sun, smog, and even from our own bodies! Normally any damage that happens to your skin due to free radicals is repaired by your body if the appropriate antioxidant is in your body to repair the damage. The most common antioxidants we hear about are Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

We normally can get Vitamin C and E from various foods and also from supplement pills. However no matter how much foods you eat with these vitamins they are just spread throughout your body and may not be enough to repair any localized damage. That is why so many topical products such as lotions, creams and etc are available. However, most topical products that help to make your skin smooth are synthetic and only mask the problem. In the worst case scenario some of these products strip needed vitamins from your skin and the various oils contained in the creams clog up pores causing acne.

Other treatment options such as Botox, help to make your skin look smooth, but are fairly expensive (costing hundreds of dollars per treatment). And the worst thing that you donít want to see is once the treatment being stopped, you start to see all winkles are back ! Even worse yet is the fact that Botox is toxic and potentially lethal if not used correctly!

Lasers also work by taking off several layers of skin to reveal the untouched skin underneath. However once this skin is exposed, it would also be vulnerable to free radicals damage and would sooner or later be damaged. This treatment option is also expensive, costing potentially thousands of dollars depending on how much treatment you need.

This is why the EVITA Multivitamin Time Complex is different from these other products.

The EVITA Multivitamin Time Complex contain the necessary antioxidants, vitamins and oils for your body to use naturally. All you do is just twist open a capsule and apply the concentrate evenly over your face and neck. Use one or two capsules daily right before bed. You see results as quickly as one week of use!

All raw components of the serum was carefully chosen not just for their super strong antioxidant properties but also the highest possible ingestible grade. All the ingredients used in the serum is completely ingestible grade materials, so it is like feeding your skin with super antioxidant vitamins directly!

One of the biggest obstacles facing antioxidant ingredient is that they are very sensitive to exposure to oxygen, oxidation occurs almost immediately upon exposure. So naturally any topical antioxidant product will recommend you to keep their product away from sunlight and sealed tightly in enclosed jars. Still oxidation will occur and decrease the potency of the expensive lotion you have just spent your hard earn money on.

With the new space age softgel encapsulation technology we are able to deliver the super antioxidant nutrients in a completely isolated individual dosage form, isolated from the air and prevents any oxidation from occurring. So each softgel capsule can provide the same high antioxidant potency beginning with the first capsule all the way to the last.

You see results as quickly as one week of use!

Here are just a few samples of the many customer testimonials that we have received:

These were highly recommended to me. I'm still not quite sure when the best time to use the product, but I apply it after a treatment in the evening and instead of a moisturizer. I think you are supposed to use it before a moisturizer to get the most out of the moisturizer, but I don't need a daily moisturizer, so I skip it. The capsules definitely make my skin soft and smooth after the gel/oil soaks in. I feel it's improving my skin, but it's been just under a month. -Michele H. San Diego, CA

I got some free samples from friend. It was a 7-day supply and after 4 days I thought I was seeing a difference but couldn't believe it! My skin looked smoother, skin tone was even, lines were less noticeable, and pores appeared smaller. After I finished the 7-day supply, I knew there was a difference and will continue to use these caps. One word of warning, the representative told me that I would love the feeling when I applied the product but it felt really oily and greasy to me. I stuck with it though and found that by two minutes, my skin had absorbed the product and my skin felt so soft. -Lucy T. Oxnard CA

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by Joan M
I really like this one week trial package so that I can try the product inexpensively....    
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Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews) Result Pages:  1 
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